Z U I      G O M E Z - front desk 

What made you want to work at a Pilates studio: As a professional dancer, and one who has had previous Pilates experience while studying in college, I became a fan. I am a true believer of pure core & full body strength, and working from within out. So being a part of a team who commits to teaching the classical technique allows me to be that much more aware of the importance of solid strength and the well-being of your body.

What is your most memorable experience at Uptown so far:  There has not been just one experience, but a the variety of characters and admirable instructors that keep my days rolling and that much more excited to come to work.

Share something about your first Pilates session:   I had first experienced Pilates in collage and thought to myself; how on earth am I suppose to improve?! This is so difficult! But then in the long run I realized how helpful and handy it is to my daily life, as well as a dancer. It’s quite a wonderful experience. No pain no game!

What is your favorite exercise or cue that you hear from instructors:  My ears will always catch the ‘ok, its time for the 100’s’, why you ask? because thats the cue I’ll never forgot and almost couldn’t believe that we had to actually execute a set of a hundred when I first did them. And now, I can’t wait to do them myself.