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Yavanna began practicing Pilates to rehabilitate a back and shoulder injury. Pilates cured her pain, strengthened and healed her shoulder, and made her a Pilates student for life. Yavanna was certified at Metropolitan Pilates, by master teacher Dorothee VandeWalle.

As a child Yavanna participated in dance, acrobatics, and theatre. Through the years, she has been involved in soccer and Gaelic football, is an avid runner, and an overall sports enthusiast. She teaches with all of the passion and vigor she has gained by doing Pilates with the goal to help clients heal injuries, improve their health, strengthen weaknesses, enhance their strength, and refine and find change through Pilates.

Yavanna credits Pilates with giving her increased strength of mind and body as well as the ability to focus completely. Pilates can change the shape of ones body as well as change ones outlook on life.