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energetic + POWERFUL + fun + form then flow

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Debi Field

lively + PETITE POWERHOUSE + articulate + classical

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Isabelle Russo

form based + CLASSICAL + fun + full-body workout

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Laura Sifuentez

grounded + INNOVATIVE + well rounded workout + secretly tough

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Nicole Kontolefa

specific + RESTORATIVE + modern + encouraging

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Jesse Barnett

energetic + POWERFUL + tough workout + push to your max

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Tatiana Jerine

clear + SWEETLY TOUGH + passionate + innovative

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Laura Volpacchio

clear + TARGETED + flow + encouraging

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Mary McInerney

form based + FUN+ anatomical + love for movement

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Michelle Yard

classical + TAILORED TO YOU + detail oriented + FUN

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Kelly Edmonston

personalized + CLASSICAL + consistent + thoughtful

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Andrea Krakowski

energetic + COMPASSIONATE + intense + encouraging

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Brooke Reynolds

thoughtful + INVENTIVE + caring + body-awareness

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Adam Guazza

Senior Instructors

precise + CLASSICAL + rhythmically challenging + systematic

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Lesly Levy

knowledgeable + CLASSICAL + anatomical + focused on YOUR body

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Najla Said

form conscious + CLASSICAL + tough + tailored workout

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Nicole Lichau

mind body connected + CLASSICAL + creative + challenging

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Jill Goodman

grounded + HARDCORE + sweetly strict + precise

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Sonja Herbert

Master Instructor

quintessential teacher + EXPERIENCED + clear + classical

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Cary Regan

Front Desk

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Sarah Elaz

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Amanda Centeno


INSTRUCTOR + innovator + pilates lover

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Adam Drushal

LEADER + pilates lover + organizer

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Meredith Drushal

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