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Pilates is ideal for a wide range of people, from beginners to professional sportspeople, and including pregnant women and seniors. Rather than concentrating upon specific areas, Pilates treats the body as a whole, building up muscle without adding bulk, improving joint mobility and flexibility, and boosting energy levels. Soon you will be asking WHY NOT?!

– Pregnant women
– Athletes
– Orthopaedic patients
– Elderly
– Postpartum women
– And the list goes on and on…

What is Pilates?


Classical Pilates employs an order and system that brings flow and a methodical approach to the work. Knowing the system, enhances the depth and difficulty of your Practice and gives you clear bench marks as you work towards your goals. While most pieces of equipment have their own order, the mat system is one you can take with you anywhere. OWN your practice & you can take your mat work with you at home or on the go.


The series of five is the most infamous of the Classical Pilates System. Need a quick engagement of your core before a jog, before bed, or to break up time in front of the computer?

Get down on the mat and UP your full body connection with the SERIES OF FIVE.


Dive Into Uptown


At Uptown Pilates we believe that Fitness Trends Come and Go, but Pilates Endures! We trust in the foundation of Classical Pilates and everything that the Method has to offer. With instructors that all have a base and root in the Classical Method we trust and encourage their own voices to come through to give YOU the most unique and tailored workout possible. Uptown Pilates strives to give each client a specialized yet cohesive experience! Our diverse yet Classically based instructors combined with our knowledgeable and personable front desk ensure just that.


Uptown Pilates’ mission is to provide the highest quality Pilates instruction in a studio of unparalleled stylishness. Our instructors are all unsurpassed in their dedication to our clients and to the Authentic Pilates Method™ we teach and practice. The combination of feeling your body strengthen and the pleasure of practicing Pilates in such a serene environment is what keeps clients coming back for more and makes Uptown Pilates supreme in the industry.


At Uptown Pilates our focus is on YOU and YOUR practice. From our Contrologist Advisors to our incredible Instructors, we work together to make your experience tailored, unique & specific to you and your needs.

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