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energetic  + POWERFUL  + tough workout  +  push to your max

After having been a devout Pilates student for 7 years, Tatiana Jerine decided to become an instructor and received Pilates certifications from both Power Pilates and IMx Pilates. Through the years, she has continued to take classes and workshops to further her knowledge. Tatiana’s Pilates education and training also includes certification in pre/post natal care.

Tatiana believes that a Pilates regimen can benefit everyone and thus, has developed her skills and knowledge so that her clients include not only athletic people but also people who are less fortunate and who may have severe physical issues. Her scientific, holistic approach to healing the body is founded on a deep understanding of physical mechanics and cause and effect.

Today, Tatiana teaches various Pilates classes throughout Manhattan and also has a diverse array of private clients including teachers, models, businesspeople and other “walks of life”.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Tatiana studied literature and marketing at Urals University. After immigrating to the United States, she held numerous jobs until she found her Pilates calling. Tatiana lives on the Upper West Side and is married with two children.