Sonja Herbert

Senior Instructor

grounded + HARDCORE + sweetly strict + precise


For nearly a decade, after having shifted from a solid career in social work to a deep professional commitment to fitness training, Sonja has devoted herself to teaching classical Pilates and integrating it with her clients’ fitness and athletic goals. Holding a variety of Pilates certifications, including the comprehensive classical intensive training completed in 2008, Sonja also is certified in TRX, and Kettlebell instruction. While she continues to cross-train regularly, herself, and loves to fuse teaching methods in order to meet the varying needs of each client, classical Pilates is where her instructing expertise and core commitment reside. Sonja’s clients range from current and former athletes to people who strive simply to be fit in everyday life.

Practice With Sonja

** Sonja teaches at the Upper West Side & Upper East Side Locations. Please be mindful of location when booking. **

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