Reformer/Tower Class


All group classes at Uptown Pilates Sag Harbor are Reformer/Tower classes consisting of 6 participants.

 In these new fifty-five minute group classes you will UP your workout to a whole new level.  Uptown Pilates is continually working to improve your workouts to make them more personalized, well-rounded, and unique.  Being able to offer both reformer and tower work within the same class is the next step on this path.   A favorite of many Pilates practitioners, the reformer does exactly what it sounds like, it reforms your body. Find the symmetry, connection, and stability that your body needs to take you to new heights.  Now you can reap these benefits without losing the importance of mat and tower work.   Classes will now offer the variety and mix of equipment that was once only available in private sessions.  This alternative choice to private sessions will improve your posture, tone your entire body, and slim that waist while strengthening your whole core.