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ROBERTA MUSOLINO-senior instructor     

engaging + CRISP  +  clear  + flowing workout

Roberta Musolino is an Aussie born, Italian bred, NY loving Pilates Teacher glad to be of service!

She initially came to Pilates in 2000 and discovered that Pilates gave her strength and focus that supported her while working in professional musical theatre in Australia.

Her training began in Australia in the Body Control (UK) style and she took this to Rome, Italy and started teaching. In the Eternal City, she completed the Power Pilates Comprehensive administered by Bob Liekins and Susan Moran.

In her role as Program Director for Brooke Siler's world renowned re:AB Pilates Teacher Training Program for over 4 years, she enjoyed watching and supporting others as they achieved their goals of becoming Pilates Teachers as well as arranging workshops for international guests to pursue further education in NYC.

Roberta has also trained with and participated in workshops given by leaders in the international Pilates & movement industry; Kathi Ross Nash, Jay Grimes, Mari Winsor, Cary Regan, Cara Resser, Ton Voogt & Michael Fritzke, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Shari Berkowitz, Joe Muscolino, Leslie Kaminoff to name a few.

Roberta is consistently surprised by and grateful to the Pilates Method for all it offers and it is her hope that you will be too!

Roberta Musolino

** Roberta teaches at the Upper East Side and West Village locations.  Please be mindful of location when booking**