Private Pilates

a workout tailored to you


Achieve Your Goals with Pilates


Pilates is suitable for a wide range of people, from beginners to professional sportspeople, and including pregnant women and seniors. Rather than concentrating upon specific areas, Pilates treats the body as a whole, building up muscle without adding bulk, improving joint mobility and flexibility, and boosting energy levels.



About Private Sessions


Private sessions are always recommended for first time clients that are new to Pilates.  Even if you are fit and active, Pilates is different than the other workouts you have done in the past. 

The Method is most effective when the ground work is laid for you through private, one-on-one sessions that can be specified and modified for you as an individual.

What to Expect in a Private Session


Yes, we often joke that Pilates equipment looks like a Medieval Torture Chamber BUT do not be intimidated.  Those springs and bars are there to help you and to aid in providing the long, lean muscles you are looking for.  Always, safety first though!  This is why we recommend private sessions but don’t let yourself be scared out of starting your practice.

T O     S W E A T    O R     N O T    T O     S W E A T

Pilates is not an overly cardio workout, especially in the beginning of your practice.  The sweat and heat that Pilates stimulates comes from your deep muscles and is very different than superficial workout sweating that you will be accustomed to.  Do not fret if you don’t sweat!  When it comes to Pilates this does not mean that you did not work correctly.  You are still creating beautiful lean muscles and the sweat will come the more into your practice you venture.

U N D E R S T A N D I N G     P I L A T E S

Pilates is a whole different beast than many of your usual workouts.  It may be different and will work different muscles than you have ever used before.  Confused after your first session?  Don’t give up! Pilates may take at least three tries before you start to understand what your aiming to accomplish and before you understand just how deep of work you are doing!

T H E    S O R E     F A C T O R

This is totally individualized to the client.  Yes, you may be sore because you are using muscles you have never used before.  However, not every novice is able to target those muscles on the first session, so it may take until the 2nd or 3rd session to learn how to engage those deep core muscles and subsequently “feel the burn”.