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NAJLA SAID-senior instructor     

knowledgeable  +  CLASSICAL  +  anatomical + focused on YOUR body 



Najla has been doing Pilates since 1996, and was certified as an Authentic Instructor in 2004 through the New York Pilates Studio. An avid runner and lifelong athlete, she was introduced to the Pilates method by an acting teacher while recovering from knee surgery and a hip injury. Pilates was the first truly tough and satisfying workout she was able to do (and enjoy!) despite her injuries. Since she began, she has been virtually pain free, and now is thrilled to be able to watch her clients achieve the same relief as they also build a strength, flexibility, and endurance that allows them to succeed in any athletic endeavor they choose, even performing on stage! She wholeheartedly believes that anything is possible; no one should feel that an injury prevents them from getting a safely, effective, challenging, and fun workout. 

Najla is the kind of instructor that as an adult you have few opportunities to experience. While teaching the technical details of pilates she integrates teaching the adult student precise pilates as well as remembering the joy of exercise as a child, letting your body enjoy the memories of a playful experience on the monkey bars. That pure joy makes you relax, learn and enjoy the warmth of a nuturing experience so rare in the adult world. She’s knowledgeable and fun a rare combination is teaching today.
— client Ronda Kornfeld