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MARY MCINERNEY-instructor     

clear  +  TARGETED +  flow + encouraging




Originally from Ireland, Mary arrived in New York in 2015 having lived in Singapore for two years previously. In Ireland, she owned her own Physical Therapy clinic which is how she became interested in Pilates initially. Pilates complemented Mary's PT work perfectly. In this regard, she used her Pilates skills mainly, but not solely, in a rehab, clinical setting. On arriving in New York, Mary was very keen to pursue training in the classical Pilates method authentic to the teachings of Joseph Pilates. Hence, deciding to complete a comprehensive 600 hour training program with Power Pilates.

When Mary found a place to live on the UWS, she sought out a great Pilates studio and luckily discovered us here at Uptown Pilates.  After becoming a huge fan of our beautiful studio, Mary is thrilled to now be part of the team.

Besides Pilates, Mary runs frequently in her ‘backyard’, Central Park.  Mary has completed several marathons – her best one was 3h27m. She also volunteers with the Central Park Conservancy, loves to travel, is an eager cook and amateur photographer!