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MARCOS DURAN-instructor     

thoughtful  + INNOVATIVE  + theraputiceaseful movement

Marcos was born and raised in San Jose, Ca. After years as a professional modern dancer, he was introduced to Pilates at The Lab in Brooklyn, New York. After one session that began to educate him on pelvic alignment and stability, he found himself at the beginning of a life changing path.  Pilates has changed not only his dance practice, but nearly all of his daily physical actions down to how he stands while brushing his teeth. He realizes that no two bodies are exactly the same, and his approach to teaching has been called organic and rejuvinating. His sessions cater to the client’s daily and long term goals, while incorporating different stretch and breathing methods. Marcos’ continuing research revolves around releasing negative shoulder and hip tension to promote core strengthening through precise and stress free Pilates practice. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has over ten years experience with various movement methodologies. Mr. Duran’s Pilates certifications are through The Lab, and he joined the staff of Uptown Pilates on Madison in March 2012. He enjoys yoga, hiking, film, writing, exploring new ways of creativity including cooking and baking, and choreographing new dance theater works.


Marcos brings technique, creativity and thoughtfulness to his pilates instruction. He has the innate ability to understand the human body and sculpt it to its highest potential.
— Sebi Varghese, Physical Therapist