L I Z   P O M E R O Y - front desk 

What made you want to work at a Pilates studio:  Having decided to leave the bar industry, I was in pursuit of a job that was more conducive to my life as a professional dancer. Growing up studying dance, I have been exposed to Pilates throughout my life. I was looking for a work environment that was closely related to what I am passionate about and works in tandem with my dancing, and Uptown Pilates is just that! Getting the opportunity to be surrounded by Pilates and learn even more about it has been a fabulous perk!

What is your most memorable experience at Uptown so far:  One of my favorite things to hear is how clients have used practicing Pilates to strengthen and improve not only their bodies, but their quality of life. From illness to extreme weight loss to injuries, I have heard so many stories of people finding consistent well being through Pilates.

Share something about your first Pilates session:  My first exposure to Pilates was through mat workouts that were an addition to my dance training growing up. So my first reformer session at Uptown was a totally new and fantastic experience. I loved that each exercise tapped into every muscle group, I never felt like I was just working one part of my body.

What is your favorite exercise or cue that you hear from instructors:  Any cue that is a reminder to keep my core engaged. One of my personal favorites is "marry your belly button to your spine", that visual works really well for me.