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Levi starting taking Pilates a few years after he moved to Seattle to attend University of Washington. As a high school athlete and D-1 club volleyball player, he was constantly looking for ways to become stronger and use his body more efficiently. Competitive sports, as well as everyday life, can take a toll on the body and Pilates proved to give the balance he had been searching for. 

Levi was certified at Metropolitan Pilates by master teacher, Dorothee VandeWalle. Having overcome many injuries himself, he feels confident in his ability to read a body and discover each person's unique needs. He also believes in a hands-on approach that utilizes the mind and body together to reverse a physique's natural retrogression. Levi is an avid biker, USAV volleyball player, and loves outdoor sports of any kind. While in the studio, he works with clients to explore the relationship between their everyday life and Pilates - enjoying the physical and mental revitalization it brings.