Fiona Brunner

Front Desk

What made you want to work at a Pilates studio: 

Pilates is a full mind body practice I’ve wanted to learn more about and practice for ages. I’ve done a lot of feldenkreis and yoga so including pilates more consistently felt like the next step. Also, pilates clients are great and mindful and present and KIND.  

What is something you can remember from your first Pilates session:

It was with Parker.  I did most things wrong, and I was probably laughing because Parker is funny. My legs were flung over my head, and then Parker reminded me to focus on my core and come down with control.  I felt wildly relieved, centered, and in my system afterwards. Feet, ankles, thighs flung over torso was worth it and grounding. 

Your favorite exercise or cue you hear from instructors: 

Pay Attention!

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