What made you want to work at a Pilates studio: As a life-long dancer I was extremely interested in finding new opportunities to venture into an industry so intimately intertwined with that of dance and the mind-body connection.

What is your most memorable experience at Uptown so far?I’ve loved connecting with our community of instructors and staff.  It’s comforting to find those who come from a similar artistic background and exciting to hear about the artistic and fitness backgrounds that you’ve not yet been exposed to.

What is something you remember about your first Pilates session: The look of sheer confusion that I gave the instructor when she said it was time to move onto the leg straps.  I honestly had no idea what I was supposed to do with them or how I was supposed to set them up.  But, she didn’t mind walking me through the process and it’s one of the best leg/core workouts I’ve had. 

Your favorite exercise or cue that you hear from instructors: Anytime I hear an instructor cue up the teaser I think to myself that it sounds like the best and worst exercise all rolled into one.