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mindful  + POWERFUL  + tough workout 

While pursuing his music career as a rapper/producer, never in a million years did Khalil think he would fall in love with something else... until he was introduced to Pilates though his wife, Talissa! After many unsuccessful attempts, she finally got Khalil in class after the 4th invite.

Like a lot of clients new to Pilates, Khalil didn't fully understand the benefits of Pilates. Fast forward to when Talissa was talking about an upcoming Club Pilates teacher training and challenged him. An avid boxer, Khalil accepted in the hopes of understanding how to master his body mechanics through the Pilates method. Teacher training was not easy, but Khalil quickly found himself addicted to Pilates, and proved to himself that he could do it. By completion of his training program, Khalil's master trainer and classmates not only noticed the difference in his form and posture, but also his knowledge of Pilates and in awe of the growth he had made in such a short time period.

Today, Khalil is not only a Certified Pilates Instructor, but an example and inspiration for all that Pilates is for any body. His main belief is love yourself - no excuses. And do Pilates!