KARA MAHANEY-front desk 

What made you want to work at a Pilates studio:  I had worked as a bartender for many years and the late night hours were not cohesive to a working NYC dancer's class and rehearsal  schedule. So I wanted to get into something that had to do with the body, was still flexible, and could help my craft. Pilates was the perfect answer. I was required to take it all through high school and college as a compliment to my dance training. But I didn't really fall in love with it until I began working at Uptown Pilates.

What is your most memorable experience at Uptown so far:  When I first started taking tower classes I was hesitant because I used to hate having to take Pilates mat when I was younger. But I found that I love the assistance (as well as added resistance) that the tower provides for you. After a few classes I had an 'AHA!' moment and everything clicked into place and I knew where I needed to work from and it was a much deeper place that I once thought. It was pretty transformative.


Share something about your first Pilates session:  My first session was with an instructor that had a delightful and luscious way of explaining exercises. She was tricky in the way that she made you move very little, but that small movement was what made the exercise even more difficult. She also informed me that I had to drop my 'dancer habits' like using my joints instead of muscles when I did certain exercises, because that wasn't going to benefit anything. That was a revelation, plus, it made everything 10 times harder!

What is your favorite exercise or cue that you hear from instructors:  Selena offers this great visual of 2 columns running through you body one the right side and one on the left. You want to keep your columns in line while you are doing the exercise being given. My favorite exercise is leg springs and arm springs. I also really like thigh stretch and water wheel.