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-senior instructor     

mind body connected + CLASSICAL  +  creative  + challenging

Jill received her BA and MA Education at NYU. She began studying Pilates in 1998 with teacher trainer, Simona Cipriani and went on to receive her certification in 2001 from Authentic Pilates. Jill was part of the last class personally supervised by Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska in New York.  She studied extensively with Romana's daughter, Sari Pace and with Master teachers and her mentors Ton Voogt and and Michael Fritz. Jill believes that the Pilates method can and DOES change bodies through the mind body connection. She uses positive reinforcement, humor and creativity in her teaching to help her clients connect to the exercises, move more deeply and get better results.  Her goal is for clients to look forward to coming to class and to leave the studio feeling connected, challenged and stronger.



I had the privilege of taking a 1:1 with Jill today.
Having taken her 10 am mat classes since she came to Uptown, I am delighted to say that she is even more proficient as a private teacher.

As a group class teacher she’s amazing at spotting and guiding each client to their fullest ability; in a one-to-one situation she excels at bringing out the best of each student - encouraging while challenging.

I look forward to continuing to take her mat class and, as money allows, taking her privates as well.
— Dot Morgan 6x/week student