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Uptown Pilates offers instruction in several formats: Private Sessions, Semi-Private Sessions, Mat Classes, Tower Classes, and Reformer Classes. Each session lasts fifty-five minutes and is taught by one of our highly skilled and thoughtful certified instructors. All sessions and classes will provide you with a total body exercise which will dramatically improve your strength, flexibility, and posture. If you have never done Pilates before, we highly encourage taking 2–3 private sessions before entering any of the group classes.

Please note that for your safety clients may not be permitted to enter group classes more than 10 minutes late per the discretion of the instructor.


Remember that consistency is key so we always hope to see you back in the studio soon after your class. Pilates and Uptown are all about endurance. We help your body endure life so take what you learn in classes and carry it with you throughout other workouts and your daily life !
— Uptown Pilates