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Gregory is an actor, print model and classically trained Pilates instructor originally from Buffalo, NY. He’s called Los Angeles home for the past decade, which is where his Pilates story began. Having spent years on the high school football field, then on the water as a collegiate rower for Northwestern, Gregory had injuries and aches galore. “I was at the mercy of my body,” he recalls. When his big sister suggested Pilates, he gave it a try. Through this new experience of controlled movement he found reprieve from the injuries that had been dogging him for years. The power of the work was undeniable, and before long Gregory found himself apprenticing to become a teacher. He knew he needed to share what he had found with others.

Inspired by the original branding for Joe Pilates’ method—“Contrology, The Art and Science of Control”—Gregory teaches what he believes to be the true intention of Joe’s early work. For him the method is not just a standardized set of exercises, but rather a living, ever-evolving philosophy. “In the purest terms, it’s about taking control of how we move our bodies; and in building that relationship with ourselves we have the power to change our lives. This is so much more than just a workout!”

Gregory is certified through the Equinox Pilates Teacher Training Institute and is a graduate of the Theatre Program at Northwestern University. After a quick stint as the Sag Harbor studio’s guest instructor last summer, Gregory is excited to be back for the whole season this time!