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Franceska Laub is a native New Yorker from the lower east side of Manhattan. She worked as an environmental educator, and community organizer for fifteen years in NYC community gardens, public spaces and public schools. She was instrumental in creating and sustaining public green space to support environmental education for public schools and promoting community based programs in underserved neighborhoods. She is a mother of four children and one grandchild. Raising four children is challenging. In her quest to stay centered, she discovered Pilates and fell in love.

She is a passionate student of classical Pilates and is constantly seeking to improve her craft. She loves how movement helps to connect to herself and aligns the brain to a calm and centered state of being. She is able to be present in the world and engage in all of its wonder. Francesca received her Mat certification from Power Pilates and her comprehensive certification from Core Pilates NYC. If she is not in the studio as a teacher or a practitioner, you can find Franceska in her backyard or kitchen. She loves to garden and she loves to cook healthy meals. The importance of creating and sharing wholesome meals with her family is one of life’s true delights.

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