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DEBI FIELD-instructor     

energetic  +  POWERFUL  +  fun  +  form then flow



Movement has been the core of Debi’s life, since she began dancing and snow-skiing at the age of eight. Debi graduated from Montana State University as a Physical Education major. She came to NYC to pursue a dance career, and ended up becoming a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. As she continued to dance throughout her life, her love of dance transitioned into a love of Pilates, since the core fundamentals of both are closely related. “I love to connect people to their bodies on a deeper level and watch them grow in strength and confidence.”

Debi has been classically trained and has been teaching for several years and has worked with people recovering from knee surgery to individuals getting ready for the NYC marathon. She has worked with a wide range of ages, anywhere from early twenties and as young as 84. She is honored to be a part of the positive environment at Uptown Pilates.


** Debi teaches at the Upper East Side and Upper West Side locations.  Please be mindful of location when booking**