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CATIE NEWMAN-instructor     

fiery + NIMBLE  +  perpetual  + flowing workout

Catie's passion for the mind-body connection began with her yoga practice. She was originally trained with Raghunath (Ray Cappo) and Sondra Loring at the Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Her yoga practice was then strengthened as her desire to explore "core" work motivated her to get certified in Pilates. The combination of her yoga and Pilates knowledge ahs made her a key instructor for clients with injuries, concerns of flexibility, athletes, pre/post-natal women, or someone just looking to deepen their mind-body connection in order to lead a happier healthier life. 




**Please be mindful of location when booking**

** Catie will be in Sag Harbor beginning July 2015**