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CAROLYN KELLY-instructor 

anatomical + THOUGHTFUL  +  body conscious  + devoted

Carolyn Kelly is a classically trained Pilates instructor who received her comprehensive certification from Core Pilates NYC. Before moving to New York in 2006 to pursue her dance career, she graduated from Texas Tech University Sigma Cum Laude with a BA in Dance. Similar to her passion for dance, Carolyn communicates the same level of attention to detail in each of her sessions with a strong focus on the mind body connection. She is currently expanding her Pilates certification through continuing education to focus on the therapeutic benefits of the practice. She strongly believes in the healing aspects of a well trained body as it has made a big impact in her own life which is evident when she teaches. 




Carolyn is patient, supportive, and really seems to know her stuff! She has been particularly good at helping me deal with a recent nagging problem with my lower back. I will confess that after 5 years of coming to Pilates I was starting to think I had hit a plateau and was ready to move on to try something else. Then I tried Carolyn and it really has been a treat. She is a gifted instructor and I would highly recommend her to any of your clients who have back issues.
— UES Client Greg Little