Caroline Jordan

Front Desk

What is your most memorable experience at Uptown so far? 

 Probably the various stories, advice, and experiences that clients and instructors have shared with me as they’ve stopped to chat with me at the desk. We have such a diverse clientele here at Uptown, so I’ve gotten to know all different kinds of people whose paths I wouldn’t normally cross in my day-to-day in the theatre industry; their stories add more color to my life!

What is something you can remember from your first Pilates session:

Well my very FIRST Pilates session was with my mom (who is a hardcore Pilates veteran), but it was so long ago that I can’t remember it that well. The first one I remember was in college- we had to take Pilates as a requirement to graduate with a dance minor. I remember loving how specific it was, how rhythmic. I also loved how quickly my body responded to it and how it wasn’t long before I saw a difference in my dancing!

Your favorite exercise or cue you hear from instructors: 

Cary has her own nicknames for some of the exercises, so I’ll be doing my thing at the desk and then all of a sudden I’ll hear “ok- time for sexy kitty!” Only Cary 🙂

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