Roll up

Roll up

We love a good turn on the Reformer. And we obviously live for a lengthening session on the Tower. And lets not forget the unparalleled toning of the Wunda Chair! But sometimes we like to take things back to basics. 

No equipment, no machines, just our Pilates practice and a mat. Yes, that basic. 

Mat work is great for this because it taps you right into your core and you can take your routine anywhere you go. 

This month we're honoring the humble mat by joining the March MATness challenge. We're tapping into what Joseph Pilates referred to as a "Return to life" by doing a classic mat move for everyday of March. 

Created by Benjamin Degenhardt, March MATness started off as a way hone his own mat moves, but soon spawned into a larger movement to unite the Pilates world. 

We invite you to join our March MATness push by striking a mat pose on your own—or in studio—and tagging us in the photo. Be sure to use our hashtag #MovementHeals and, of course, #MarchMATness.