The Time has Come!

Fall is coming! The weather is cooling down. I'm not melting every time I leave my apartment (now it's only once I step on the subway platform), and I can stop wearing ponytails because it's finally cool enough to have my hair brush my neck.

This is no doubt my favorite time of year: scarves, sweaters, cinnamon, and soups. Leaves change colors, wind picks up, and – eventually – fall turns into a harsh New York winter. The colder it gets, the harder it is for my body to maintain the openness of the summer. What's a girl to do?

This is the time of year when I love Pilates. Not for that beach body it gave me, but for the luxurious stretch and strength it takes to get through the colder weather. Because as much as I relish the idea of curling under a blanket with tea and a book, I know that eventually that curling will result in me losing flexibility. It's all fun, games and pumpkin spice until my hamstrings get too tight from crouching on the couch watching X-Files reruns.

Pilates in the fall is as necessary as a good beanie for a number of reasons:

  • Keeping my core strong helps me run up and down subway stairs in my heavy combat boots (good-bye, light summer sandals.) 
  • My year-round computer hunch gets much much worse since my upper body must now bear the the weight of my fall backpack, as well as that chunky scarf I crocheted last year. But after a few exercises on the foam roller or the barrel, my shoulders open up (the better to show off that peacoat with, my dear.) 
  • My legs look better in my leggings (especially in Jody's LulaRoe leggings. Ask her about them, you won't be sorry.) 
  • More Pilates means more Pie and Lattes (and warm apple cider and mulled wine. I'm very serious about my spiced fall beverages.) 


These are my reasons for putting my feet in the leg springs and doing the Series of 5 to my heart's content. What are yours?