Amanda Cocozza


fiery + COMMITTED + efficiently tough + fervent



Amanda is a graduate of the Core Pilates NYC comprehensive training program. After earning her master’s degree in Journalism two years prior, she realized her true passion lay in fitness and movement of the body. After taking one Pilates class, she was immediately drawn to the method because of its physical rigor and restorative nature. Amanda aims to help people feel better emotionally and physically and believes that Pilates is essential in bridging the mind and body connection. Amanda enjoys working with people of all ages, shapes and sizes and believes that laughter is always the best medicine! When not practicing and teaching Pilates, she loves to travel, cook and explore her Manhattan neighborhood with her husband.

I signed up for private sessions with Amanda as a brand new Pilates student right when the studio opened, and I couldn’t be happier. Amanda is full of energy, admirably patient, just bossy enough, and very knowledgeable, even at 7AM on Monday mornings.

I am a big fan, and love knowing that I am getting better with each session!

Kate Nelson

West Village Client

Practice With Amanda

**Amanda teaches at the Upper East Side and West Village locations.  Please be mindful of location when booking**

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