AMANDA CENTENO- front desk 


What made you want to work at a Pilates studio: I have always lived an active lifestyle, but when I made the transition from my college acting program into the working world, I realized that I had to make an effort to fit physical activity into my everyday life. Pilates was always something that I'd wanted to explore and thought I would enjoy, and I really liked the atmosphere of this studio when I first visited. So I thought it would be a good fit.

What is your most memorable experience at Uptown so far?Probably the time that Wendy Williams used our studio for a photo shoot--it was a crazy day!

What is something you remember about your first Pilates session: I was doing an exercise with the magic circle, and when I lifted my leg up to pulse, I guess I pulsed too hard because the magic circle flew out and hit the client next to me. Apparently, Pilates is not always a low impact form of exercise. Needless to say, I was very embarrassed.

Your favorite exercise or cue that you hear from instructors: I love the Swan.